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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


So this post is dedicated to my four little miracles, this past 18 months has been a wonderful ride and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. This sadly is the last blog post prior to printing; but I'm so thankful that one day you can read about our journey to become parents and your first year. I also hope that you can share and enjoy in the many people who helped, supported and loved you. My wish for all four of you is that you grow into healthy, happy and kind adults who find as much love in your own lives as you have provided in mine.

Love you to the moon and back!


Top picture: our first day all home. L, H, B, N
Bottom: was exactly 365 days later. L, N, H, B


Luke and Ben


Me & Ha Dee (how all four of you started to say "Dada")

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cleveland, Geneva, NYC & HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!

Happy 1rst Birthday
Henry, Benjamin, Natalie & Luke!

Nick with Luke & Natalie
Gina with Ben and Henry
July 19, 2013
First Birthday

Well blogging has taken a bit of a backseat lately for many good reasons; we had our first trip to Cleveland, our first mini-family vacation at the Lake, our trip to Akron, we traveled to New York City AND we celebrated our 1rst BIRTHDAY!

And one more thing....NICK WAS PICKED! 
First let's get some baby updates out of the way! We had our 8month adjusted (11 month in chronological age) follow-up at the NICU. They score the kiddos on cognitive, expressive and receptive speech, motor and fine motor skills. They all did well, Ben and Luke did get some "lower" scores but continue to catch up with weekly physical and occupational therapy. I am over the moon to say we have four happy, crawling, one near walking, chatty babies. We feel optimistic that they will continue to close the gap between their adjusted age and chronological age.

Also we had some fun firsts these past few months... We had our first haircuts, Natalie got her ears pierced and they got to try Ice Cream!!!

Before talking about all the recent activity these past few weeks in honor of their birthday I wanted to post a quick tid bit about the things I love about them....
Henry....You are my ham, when you smile with all those teeth poking through my heart just melts. I want to always remember the face you make when I'm about to pull you out of your crib and how you now put your little hands around my neck.
Ben...You are the cutest little bugger on the planet. Your laugh is the most precious sound. I love when you are really happy or excited.. you stretch your arms/legs out & start bouncing on your butt which propels you forward! Best laugh in the world!
My gentle little sweetie pie. I love all your rolls but I love even more how you insist upon rubbing my arm & holding my hand when I lay you down. I love that you want to always hold my hand before you fall asleep. Priceless.
Does it get any better than my squirt? I love your expressions. At meal times you have your mouth open before I have even belted you in the chair, you still seem in awe when the crib mobile spins and squeal loudly when you get happy. Your a funny little guy- so content and loving.
Now for all the excitement..I'll be quick!!!
The first weekend in June was AWESOME! We traveled to my childhood home in Cleveland and spent two nights hanging out with my parents. My mom went above and beyond by making us home coming signs for each baby, such a nice welcome home. A few of my aunts, uncles, siblings were also able to make it over for a visit and it was just amazing. The kids did great at my parents house and really enjoyed all the extra attention. Nick participated in a triathlon outside of Cleveland at Geneva on the Lake. This was Nick's first triathlon in almost a year! He was excited that he was able to represent Eleonore Rocks and finally get back to competing. Sadly, I got the dreaded call from Nick about 60 miles into the bike portion that he had a bum wheel (his tire had already been replaced twice) and that he would be coming back without completing the course. I think Nick still had a great time despite the fact he was unable to finish & Lake Erie was the coldest on record for the month of June. In fact Lake Erie was colder than when he competed at Alcatraz in San Francisco several years ago. (Yes he swam to shore from Alcatraz, I guess it's not impossible after all!)

Ben & ZiZi Marc...who is expecting his first baby with Kaylie!!! Congrats!

Nick getting out of the water at Geneva on the Lake

before the flat x2.....

how gets a wet suit with short sleeves? Nick! Lake Erie was 57*
In early June it was my 32nd birthday, last year I was in the hospital eating my donut cake, visiting with friends. However this year my birthday coincided with girls' weekend! I had a lovely time- I got some R&R with some of the nicest people around. In between activities the girls and I stopped at the house to see the babies. I was delighted that our friends wanted to stop by and get a few minutes of baby time in! I also had mini celebration with the girls I work with, who by now are a second family to us. The day before my birthday I got to spend some quality time with Nick at a Passion Pit concert and enjoy dinner with my BFF, Carmen! It was a wonderful weekend!

Shelly & Luke, Ben & Kim, Me, Sarah & Henry, Amy & Natalie and Stefanie
Kim was here from Florida!!

Kim, Shelly, Me, Sarah, Amy and Stefanie
Luke, Henry, Natalie an Ben
Shortly after my birthday Nick and I had an interview with NBC channel 4  here in Columbus about Eleonore Rocks and Kona. We were hoping to spread the word about Eleonore Rocks and snag a few more votes for Kona....more on that later. Here is the link to the interview, sadly I think the video is not available, but the article is still up!
Over our anniversary we decided to go on a mini vacation with the kids to Geneva on the Lake. I was hesitant because I didn't know how the kids would do in a new environment with unfamiliar people, etc. Thankfully they did wonderful and the people could not have been nicer. The kids got their first dip in a pool, sat/played in sand for the first time and even tried out donuts!!! We had a blast.

First time in the Sand! Natalie, Henry, Luke and Ben

Natalie ad her grumpy face!


daddy chilling with the kiddos!
Natalie is so calm..she tried to nap in her float!
Henry, Ben, Daddy, Luke and Natalie
the kids checking out the Lake!
Last year July was a special month for us & my sister and her family as well. July 5th 2012 my sister Francesca gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Gianna. We traveled back up to Akron to help celebrate her first birthday and our nephew Milo's 4th birthday. Again, it was so much fun to see all the kids together and have my aunts/uncles/siblings get to spend some quality time with the kids. However, the best part may have been after all the kids went to bed and it was just my parents, myself, siblings and significant others chatting at the kitchen table...I miss those moments. Hopefully now that the kids are older we can travel more.

My aunt Mafalda and Ben! Also my godmother and eldest Aunt!
Of note she also predicted that I would have 3 boys and one girl!

Lucia, Matt, Milo (on the counter) my sister Francesca and baby Gianna

Central Park with Daddy
Hello NYC!!! This spring Nick was asked if he wanted to participate in the NYC triathlon. Last fall when we brought the babies home and were using Aquaphor like water Nick saw an advertisement for the NYC triathlon sponsored by Aquaphor. I remember Nick and I joking how he should contact them because what a better spokesman for Aquaphor than a dad with quadruplets who runs triathlons...well he did email them and they were kind enougth to send us some aquaphor. I never thought about it again, until this March. Nick received an email from Korff Enterprises (company that puts on NYC tri) asking him if he wanted to participate in the race. Going to NYC with four infants would be one crazy adventure but knowing that Nick would be racing for Elenore Rocks and all the potential exposure for the charity, we decided going to the Big Apple was a "must do."  Again, I have say how over the moon we were with how well the kiddos did. We drove from the late afternoon into the wee hours of the morning to get into NYC (11 -12 hours with multiple stops) When we finally made it to our hotel at 2:30am all the commotion awoke the babies; I really feared they would not fall back asleep and Nick & I would be fighting an "off schedule"  day. Well as soon as we could get the babies down in their pack n plays we were shocked that they all fell right back asleep!! They loved NYC, we made a trip on the ferry to Lady Liberty, traveled down 5th Avenue, stopped at St. Patricks and strolled through Central Park. We were also excited that Korff Enterprises invited the babies to participate in the Aquaphor Diaper Dash. The Diaper Dash was hysterical, 30 babies (3 heats of 10) were placed on the "race course" and whomever crossed to the other side first either be scooting, crawling or rolling won the heat. Most of the babies wanted to just play or seemed scared by all the cameras, lights, etc- including our four pack. Natalie was the only baby to crawl to the other side, but we all had fun and the kids got their first "trophies." I should also mention that the babies and I were able to be right at the finish line for Nick's race, which was wonderful. All the people in NYC whether it be visitors or true New Yokers were very kind about the kids and were eager to help us out in any way they could.

 Here is the official video link to the Diaper Derby!!! The very start of the video is Henry, who is catapulting himself forward! At minute 1:34/35 you can see Ben and Luke, poor Natalie must not have made the final edit!!

The babies' trophies for the Diaper Derby!

Natalie and Me at the finish at the Diaper Derby
John Korff, Jennie Finch, gold and silver medalist for Women's softball, she is now an Aquaphor Tri Team Member & ME (they asked me to come on stage, I was a little nervous!)

Nick at the beginning of the Race

Daddy with the 4 pack at the Statue of Liberty
Me and the babies at Strawberry Fields. Sadly Lennon could not make the trip due to his health, I'm sure he would have loved to hear his named be called out by all the tourists/tour guides talking about John Lennon.

Hello Kona!

swim start in Kona!

HELLO KONA! Most everyone knows that Nick's Quadfather video made it the finals, but he lost in the final round of public vote. However, Iron Man has a wild card spot, they decide based upon 50% public vote and the other 50% for video originality and how its fits the mantra of "anything is possible." Well Nick was the wild card! He received a call from the Iron Man CEO followed by the President of the Iron Man foundation inviting him to Kona in October. WE are excited!!! Nick will get to race the most grueling triathlon course while raising awareness and money for Eleonore Rocks!!!! I will post the link to the donation page and I encourage everyone to take a look at the other 6 Kona Inspired athletes and their stories.  This is NOT a free trip for any of these athletes; they are all working towards creating a movement of doing something for the greater good. An IronMan requires extensive training, it is a huge undertaking even for a gifted athlete, the time & cost to participate in this event is ENORMOUS. Please watch these videos and considering donating to ANY of these causes. Even though the Iron Man is a "race" the Kona Inspired athletes have started to exchange emails, advice and tips to help each other and show support for every one's causes. Also, Thad Beatty from the band Sugarland is the celebrity Kona Inspired spokesperson who will be participating in the race, he also has been reaching out to help support everyone through their journey!

Here is the link to the Kona Inpsired page, all 7 winning videos and Thad Beatty's video as well! check out these amazing athletes!!!

Link to the donation page for Kona Inspired, the athlete that raises the most money gets an extra $10,000 for their charity!!! Also you can opt to not pay a transaction fee and this is 100% tax deductible!!!

And last but not least....HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!

Not the best picture of Henry, but we love Gabby!!

Natalie..sadly not a good picture, she was exhausted!!!!


Ben and Nonno

Smash cakes made by Nonna (my mom Nina)!!!

The day after their first birthday we welcomed family and friends over to our home to help celebrate this milestone. We did a carnival theme because it was simple and tons of fun. We had a large bounce house with a giant slide... SUPER HUGE THANK YOU TO BOUNCE HOUSES OF OHIO who were awesome, if you live around Columbus please use them you will not be disappointed! We also had a face painter, balloon artist, pinata, carnival games and food. We had a blast and hope everyone else did as well. I am in the midst of writing thank you cards, but again as "yes" RSVPs kept rolling in we asked for NO gifts, IF people wanted to give something we directed them to make a donation to Elenore Rocks. We were humbled by people's generosity to the charity and again with our kids. We are very blessed. I also need to say thank you to a few certain people..Kristin Tierney my sister in law/event planner who decorated and helped with set up, she did it in a jiffy and it was far better than I could have imagined. I need to thank our "baby wranglers" who helped take care of the kids while we set up/cleaned, ran errands- my sister Francesca and Mindy (not yet my sister in law but may as well be!) they took great care of the kids and I'm certain the kids missed them after they left. Our parents Barb & Dan for cooking the burgers, hot dogs and running errands.  My parents Nina and Aurelio who provided all the fruit, helped with the kids and clean up. Big thank you to my mom who made the smash cakes from scratch- they were amazing! And last but not least... Susan and Nico, who stopped by to drop stuff off but stayed for 3.5 hours in a monsoon to help me set up & get what I needed done. I would have NEVER made it in time for the party with out any of these lovely people's kind help! We are so thankful people made the trip from as far as 8 hours away, which included Nick's grandma Margaret who finally got to hang out with our little ones! Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us!!!

Below are some pictures below before all the chaos begun!  

My next post I will address some popular questions about traveling with 4 & some new and really embarassing funnies. Nick may also hi-jack the blog to discuss some questions he gets frequently!

Inside the big tent & two small ones looked identical! thanks Krisitn!

signs and banners helped point guests in the right way!

Face painting!!!

Rolled out the red carpet for our guests!
Thank you to Everyone!
Nick, Gina, Henry, Benjamin, Natalie, Luke & Lennon


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Quick note!

Happy June!

Luke, Henry, Natalie and Ben
This is a quickie blog post to help remind everyone to vote as many times as they can until June 27th (several times daily from different gadgets!) for Nick's Kona Inspired Video "The Quadfather." This is a chance to race in the most grueling triathlon at the International Championships held in Kona, HI in October. Nick would be swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 and then running a marathon 26.2 miles! He will be raising awareness and funds for the charity Eleonore Rocks. After many months of trying to figure out how to "pay everyone back" for their love, support and generosity we decided the best way to honor those people is to PAY IT FORWARD by helping families in need. Eleonore Rocks is a small charity that raised nearly $100,000 last year and was able to do wonders for families of critically ill children.

Here is the link for voting- make sure you hit the button "vote for this."


Nick, Gina, Henry, Ben, Natalie and Luke

Monday, May 27, 2013

Babies Baptism & Mother's Day

Luke, Ben, Natalie and Henry

Hello May! Hope this post finds everyone happy & healthy and getting some sun. Thank God for better weather- in fact I think this post will be a bit shorter so I can save some time to take the kids out for a stroll! The month of May has been a busy month for us- therefore lets get to the good stuff!


Over the last several months we have been noticing the babies were starting to get teeth (except Natalie who remains toothless!) All three boys have their two bottom teeth and Henry has an eye tooth coming in. Thankfully, the boys have handled it well, we cannot complain as we know plenty of parents who had some seriously unhappy little ones with teething. On a happy note table food has been going great! I am over joyed to say that we are down to three bottles a day and have two solid spoon/table feeds going! The babies each eat 10-16oz of food twice daily- they love veggies, fruit and they really LOVE yogurt. We currently go through 32oz of yogurt over 1 1/2 days. I'm still making some of their food to help with cost and because I really enjoy making food for them. We still do three bottles a day but we are also making some progress with having the babies hold their bottles- Henry holds every bottle every time! Ben, Natalie and Luke will intermittently hold their bottles. I think over the next couple of weeks I might be "hands free" while feeding this means I might get to drink warm coffee in the mornings.

Ben and Luke continue to get physical therapy several times a week for their Torticollis and some mild motor delay (using their adjusted age of 7.5 months). Therapy has been going well and we remain positive that the boys will continue to "catch up." Ben and Luke are also still wearing their cranial bans (helmets) to help their Plagiocephaly, we have seen awesome improvement in their head shape & evening out their facial features. Plus, with four babies rolling around and a blind dog roaming the living room a helmet is not a bad idea!

Finally on Sunday May 5th the babies were baptised here in Columbus at St. Joan of Arc. The baptism marked several firsts for the babies- first trip to church, first time both sides of the family were all together and the first time they wore "dress clothes." The kiddos did wonderful at church and really did enjoy all the attention. They even held still for about 20 pictures following the service..however lunch was a different story. The babies still do not eat well with all the distractions & with no nap we saw the grumpy side of our crew!

We want to thank our siblings for being the best Godparents anyone could ask for. Also thank you to Nonna/Nonno & Grandpa and Grandma for all their generosity.  GIANT thank you to my mom (Nonna) for making the cake, favors & all the baby food...!

These pictures below of the baptism are courtesy of Nico and Susan who were generous to offer their camera skills on our big day! Sadly, at the time of this post I was unable to upload more pictures. I will try to include them on the next post!

Henry: (Bald!) Green Bow tie, Godfather Michael (Gina's brother)
Ben: Blue bow tie, Godfather Marc (Gina's brother)
Natalie: Godparents Francesca and Matt (Gina's sister and brother in law)
Luke: Navy tie, Godparents Rob and Kristin (Nick's brother and sister in law)

Me with Henry (L), Ben (R), Nick with Luke and Natalie

Me & Natalie

Henry and Michael

Henry continues to be such a ham- he is doing wonderful! I think Henry is close to 20lbs and he continues to crawl & catapult himself around the living room. Our big guy's mobility has caused us to put up a gate in our living room. At first I'm not sure who disliked it more Henry or Lennon. Henry loves to eat- he tries to feed himself and he thinks it's hysterical when he shoves the spoon so far in his mouth he gags.


Marc and Ben



Ben was the smiliest baby on his baptism! Ben was so happy he was blowing raspberries and "singing" during church. Ben is eating well but still has some moments where food + Ben = disaster. Ben also takes the cake for messiest eater- more food goes on him then in his mouth. Despite his feeding issues, he has megawatt smile that makes everyone melt. Ben is not interested in crawling, he prefers to sit.


Henry & Natalie enjoying the weather

LOVE this little lady! She is probably 23+ pounds and is growing at light speed! She has just now started to get up on all 4s and "rock" which is the precursor to hopefully crawling. She remains the calmest of babies and I could take her anywhere. My favorite thing about Natalie is when she sits on your lap she looks up at you and just wants to gently touch your face, such a sweet girl.


Luke and Rob
Luke looks big in his carseat!
Sweet little guy!! First let me say I cannot believe how much this kid eats but yet is soooo skinny! He will smack the table and attack the spoon during lunch and dinner! In between meals he is similar to Natalie a very loving, calm & curious little person. Luke is pushing up on his elbows and really has started to roll everywhere. Luke also finally graduated into his crib! Both Luke and Ben have been consistently sleeping in rock'n'plays because of their horrible reflux, but Luke has been doing so well we thought we would give it a go and over a couple days he grew fond of his crib and new mobile.

My 1rst Mother's Day!

First baby I first mommy moment with little Natalie

Well it was wonderful...I made baby food which is not exciting at all but reflects what really counts- I have four babies who are healthy, happy and ALWAYS hungry! Several beautiful gifts came from our nanny, Gabby, who made canvas artwork for me with the babies footprints & poem. Gabby also made a collage of framed portraits and a clay heart with their hand prints on it. Gabby is better than Mary Poppins- the kids love her and so do we, she makes being at work for those couple days much easier.

As for Nick and I summer fun awaits us and the babies! Our FIRST trip to Cleveland is right around the corner. We will be staying in my childhood home and my aunts and uncles will get to finally met the babies. Nick is participating in 100 mile race at Geneva on the Lake during our trip to Cleveland. Nick will swim one mile, bike 84 and run 15 miles! You can find me laying out by the water routing Nick on from the sidelines! Also KONA INSPIRED is still going on! Please keep voting for Nick & "quadfather" video. Getting Nick to the second round and then onto Kona would be a dream come true for him and would benefit Eleonore Rocks greatly.  We are also looking froward to our mini-first family trip to the Lake in June and NYC in July.

Below are the links to Kona Inspired & Eleonore Rocks. I also attached a link to an article from Ironman who asked Nick to interview Craig Alexander (one of the greatest triathletes ever!) regarding balancing family and racing.

Kona inspired

Eleonore Rocks Helpful info and background about the charity

Eleonore Rocks Nick Tierney Donation Page

Random Pictures!

Who's who?

Well that's all for now! Hopefully my next post will have all the baptism pictures and some more updates & funnies! Enjoy your Memorial Day!

Gina, Nick, Henry, Benjamin, Natalie, Luke and Lennon